Introducing the New Orleans Food Truck Coalition

Want more food trucks in New Orleans? Show your love by signing the petition.

As a low-barrier business, food trucks are an important source of economic opportunity in our community. In cities around the country, they’ve also shown the ability to help revitalize and enliven streets. However, with today’s out-dated laws, food trucks in New Orleans remain relatively rare.

Those are just a few of the reasons Neighborland is pleased to introduce The New Orleans Food Truck Coalition, our city’s freshly-minted food truck and mobile vending advocate.  Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve helped this diverse and open group of mobile vendors, customers, and community members organize themselves.

If you want to get behind the NOFTC, sign the petition to support making our laws friendly to food trucks. You can also follow the coalition’s progress here on Neighborland. To that end, let’s get you up to speed:

Photos from two NOTFC members, La Cocinita and Taceaux Loceaux

Speaking with One Voice

So far, the inaugural members (including La Cocinita, Ms. Linda, Geaux Plates, Taceaux Loceaux, Curbside and of the NOFTC have been doing the unglamorous work of actually creating a platform to speak with one voice. They’ve been handling both the big picture, like agreeing on a mission statement, goals, and identity as well as the nuts and bolts, like creating a presence on social media and an online home. Most importantly, they’ve worked together to decide on a strategy for engaging their community, and started to hit the streets.

Building Community  Support

The NOTFC is building support for their cause through a petition. Your signature is the most valuable contribution you can make to this effort–public support is the key to making change happen.

They’re also reaching out to folks that work daily to make our neighborhoods better places: community groups, business-owners, neighborhood associations, and non-profits. They’re asking each to sign this letter of support, which will be appended to the online petition.  It means a lot to have people that do good work vouch for you.

Finally, the NOFTC is also driving New Orleans food trucks to join the Louisiana Restaurant Association, if they are not already dues-paying members. What’s good for food trucks is good for New Orleans restaurants, and our culinary tradition (and industry) as a whole.

Bringing People Together

The NOFTC is beginning conversations about organizing a food truck lot event to raise awareness and show people a good time. If you are interested in partnering in a food truck lot event, get in touch!  We hope it will prove the viability of a regular food truck gathering, like they’ve pulled off at the Tin Roof Brewery in Baton Rouge.

In the coming weeks, the NOFTC will work to organize an event like this one in San Francisco

Get Involved

The NOFTC can’t do it without you. Moreover, the NOFTC is an open organization that requires no dues or formal agreement to join. If you want more food trucks in New Orleans, consider yourself part of the coalition. Of course, there are many other ways you can get even more involved:

1. Share your ideas about food trucks, potential events, and making our community a better place with the folks on Neighborland.

2. Follow @NOFTC on Twitter or visit their Facebook Page to learn when to get your food-truck-love on.

3. Attend the upcoming the Food Truck Lot event (Date and location TBD. Ideas? See #4)!

4. Get in touch directly. At some point, this scrappy group of chefts, restauranteurs, residents and the like will need help. If you’ve got a penchant for research, a background in municipal law, or just a lot of moxie, the NOFTC can use your help.

5. Read up on all things New Orleans Food Trucks at, our city’s hub for news and information related to deliciousness on wheels.

And of course, check in here at the Neighborland Handbook for more developments.