Public Transit Tuesdays

Transit Tuesdays

We love discovering great blogs, mo betta if they’re locally-oriented. Gambit blogger Megan Braden-Perry has a fabulous transportation blog called ‘Public Transit Tuesdays’ which follows her from start to end of the main bus lines of the GNO. Our favorites are the Broad and Galvez blogs but she has also written about Veterans, Metairie Road, St. Bernard Parish, the Kenner Local, and St. Charles Ave. lines.

The series began in April and is equal parts travel blog, food blog, and photo gallery. It’s liberally salted with deep local intel and humorous anecdotes of the native girl’s exchanges with a number of our beloved Only-In-New Orleans characters. Here are some of her insights that caught our eye as they relate to transportation-related ideas on Neighborland:

If you don’t have a map and schedule of the route, you can check online at for the most updated information.  You can also pick them up at RTA’s HQ at 2817 Canal St or call 248-3900.Printed schedules are fairly reliable, more so for frequent riders who are aware of rider alerts. They are not reliable for popular lines during touristy events, since the RTA likes to drive slower to cater to tourists. Difficult for non-residents.RTA’s mobile sitenow has an estimated time of arrival/real-time map function. Its fairly reliable but still in the beta stage.

GPS-enabled bus location and schedule monitors are accurate for the most part, but often broken and sometimes hard to find.

Google Maps transit are very reliable but don’t include Jefferson and St. Bernard Parish systems.

RTA’s trip planner: Very reliable, but won’t always suggest all the possible routes.
Jefferson and St. Bernard Transit buses don’t have day passes.


The Vietnamese American Young Leaders Association works on transportation-related issues and is working to systemize the meeting notification requests and publicizing them as well as coordinating turn out to these meetings.  If anyone is interested in learning more or getting involved, contact MK at  Or go to