Getting Washington on board the St. Claude Streetcar

WPA work repaving and widening on St. Claude Avenue, view at corner of Mandeville Street, with St. Claude Streetcar visible running on the neutral ground.

Transportation advocate and Neighborland-user Transport for NOLA is leading a petition campaign to support the immediate funding of the St. Claude streetcar to Poland Avenue. The petition is an urgent call to demonstrate public support for the project. If 1,000 signatures are collected by March 14th, the petition will be included in the Regional Transit Authority’s official application for funding from the federal Department of Transportation.

New Orleans is competing with hundreds of other applications for the limited pool of federal funds. Community support will be a critical competitive advantage for New Orleans, if we can make it evident to the decision-makers in Washington. Make your support tangible by signing the petition and sharing it with your friends and neighbors.

In the coming days and weeks, we will be working with Transport for NOLA, a variety of community partners, and local leaders to help make this issue rise to the top of our community’s agenda. Stay tuned for updates!